Sailing the Ninth Age

In Pursuit of a Chart

bird is the word

Gonda Lilane hired the party to discover the source of the green flash. She also provided the use of her yacht the Farsight and charts detailing the location of the event. After the meeting everyone was approached by Ozolo Fen, a shady character interested in purchasing the charts outright. They declined.

The next morning as they were casting off they were accosted by Port Authority who claimed their papers and documentation were not in order. He attempted to delay them, and the Farsight’s departure became a flight from a Ghanish cutter. Clever use of a sea eagle and a fireworks cypher gave the group enough of a lead to escape.


The journey to the point marked on Gonda’s charts took a month and passed uneventfully, but the ominous smudge of another vessel followed at the horizon. A small island lay at the chart’s coordinates. Using a cypher to scout the terrain, they found low scrubland to the south, a wide bay and a destroyed village to the east, and a tall plateau of scattered and cyclopean blocks to the north.

The party decided that the vessel that had shadowed them was villainous, so they made landfall on the far side of the island and send their ship on ahead, to return in three day’s time. Easy ascent to the plateau could only be made by a few ravines and one wider path that led from the village. Before any defensive structures could be built the party encountered a three-legged, bronze-colored creature. It had a wide disc-shaped head dominated by an enormous, glowing green eye.




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