Sailing the Ninth Age

The Green Flash

lights on the horizon hint at stranger things

For years superstitious types in the City of Bridges kept time by watching for a faint green flash at sunset along the northwest horizon. A week ago the flash came early. A night early the midnight sky was lit by a pulsing jade light the likes of which had never been seen.


The city was rocked with unrest for several days, was, but when it didn’t prove to be an omen of immediate doom most returned to their daily toil.

This morning you received a letter, delivered by a youth with shorn locks and somber dress which mark him as an acolyte of the Order of Truth. The letter reads:

_Word has come to me regarding your particular skill.
I have need of your talents for an voyage of discovery.
Come to my home at evening in a day’s time.
The rewards will be great.

Gonda Lilane, Optihierophant of the Order of Truth
The Street of Scriveners_



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